The Reason Why…

  • Focus on your business: Hiring a professional means you have more time to dedicate and focus on your business, spending less time on administrative tasks
  • Avoid personnel hassles: Professional bookkeepers are independent contractors. Your monthly bill is your only cost—no employment taxes, insurance costs, or termination hassles. We guarantee you will be satisfied, but if you don’t love our service, just cancel!
  • Delegate your payroll: As your business grows, your payroll needs grow; a professional will keep you up to date, file your payroll taxes, and assist with personnel issues.
  • Never pay a bill late: Delegate bill payment functions to a professional with the skills and time to oversee timely payment.
  • Efficient and timely invoicing: With your records in good shape, your invoices go out on time, improving your cash flow.
  • Avoid unnecessary fees: A professional will keep your accounts current, avoiding the accidental overdraft or credit card late fee.
  • Know your real costs: A professional will help you establish systems to help you monitor your actual costs and know the value of your products or services, so you can establish sales prices based on accurate information.
  • Be important! We focus on small businesses and non-profits. Your work will never take a back seat to a bigger, more lucrative client.

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